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{Created: 1998. Released: 1999}

Ahh, good memories. One of the first games I ever made when I was 15. The original f13 fan game that created a cult following. Play as Jason & kill the campers. Arrow keys & space bar to play. Crappy graphics I made in mspaint and ripped sounds. I had a s**t load of fun making it. Just the idea of making my own video game was amazing to me. This was originally made in Klik N Play and then converted over to Click & Create.

Also available the F13RTCB NES Demake. Visit it's official page HERE:

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Went to cameo and sent footage of my free horror games I made about these legends to them! This is what they had to say!

Return to Camp Blood MUSIC VIDEO:

Release date Nov 13, 1998
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorFista Productions
Tags2D, Creepy, friday-the-13th, Halloween, Horror, jason-voorhees, klik-n-play, Retro, scary, Slasher


fista_1_f13rtcb.rar 1 MB
F13RTCB_DEMAKE_v1.52.nes 512 kB

Install instructions

The original 1998 pc fan game. Unzip & Install.
*NOTE: This is the old windows version. It runs faster on modern computers.

The demake of the game that you can play on your favorite NES emulator. Best played with Mesen. When using an NES/SNES Classic. Change core to FCEUmm, then when playing press start + select, options, and change color palette to "sony-cxa2025as-us" for best results.

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I appreciate this game so much. The time and attention to detail is amazing. I was excited to see this game traveled from 1999, to 2022, to me. Thanks for the very cool experience.

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YES! Great video! I loved seeing your reaction during the playthrough. This was from the mind of 15 year old me when I had nothing but free time. I also have a Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street games which were waaaay more difficult. The NES version atleast have checkpoints (and extra levels btw!) 🤣  Really happy you enjoyed it!


Awesome game love the retro style could u make one for chucky and leprechaun?


Great video! I made these 20ish years ago. If I ever find the time, I’d love to to all the slashers!


Wow, this was better than I thought it would be. I dig your style, dude. I hope you'll keep making games like this. Thanks!

(2nd game in vid)


Hey man! I absolutely love this video! Watched the whole thing. F13 was the first slasher game I made back in 98.. then Halloween and a Nightmare on Elm Street in 99.. and then did the Candyman Demo in 2006. I made a bunch of random games and demos when all I had was nothing but time. Glad you enjoyed them. These games had a little cult following back in AOL days.. especially Friday The 13th: Return To Camp Blood. If I ever get the time, maybe I’ll actually do some more or finish the Candyman game 🤘🏻🙌🏻