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Do you have what it takes to hang with the biggest, the baddest, and the meanest? Just how good are your button mashing skills?

You are Barry Biceps. Train your arm to get stronger. Arm Wrestle through the champions of the world and collect your prize money. Take on challengers in the backyard, the parking garage, the bar, the school gym, and the arena. Use the password system to pickup where you left off or to enter secret codes. Go solo with 1 player story mode or invite a friend for 2 player versus.

You want NES tough? You got it.

The Arm Wrestling Classic. A brand new game for your retro entertainment system.


Released May 19, 2022.



Repeatedly press the button shown on the screen to win. Pressing the wrong button will penalize you.


Press down & up. Pressing too fast or pressing the wrong button will damage your gains.


Play now at The Retroverse.


Barry Biceps, Barry Triceps (P2), Keith The Referee, Tubby Tom (DC), Normal Norman, Cruel Chris, Dapper Dave, Mullet Mike (DC), Killer Keenan, Joker James, Terrible Tony, Haulin' Henry (DC), Master Max, Twisted Terry, Insane Ireland, Beefy Bronson (DC), Midnight Matt, Sadistic Steve, Dirty Don, and Moe Hawk (WC).

(P2) = Player 2. 
(DC) = District Champion.
(WC) = World Champion.


  • Defeat generic arm wrestler = 100
  • Defeat arm wrestling boss = 200
  • Defeat Moe Hawk = 300
  • Collect money bag = 125
  • Successful training = 80
  • Complete game with ALL 5 lives = 10,000
  • If you have the Super Strength code on you will not get any points for training successfully, because you're already at max settings.


Cartridge Label - HERE.
Bitbox Label - HERE.
1 Page Manual for Bitbox - FRONT, BACK.
Kevin TAWC OST Album Art - HERE.



View passwords HERE. There are 3 additional secret passwords not on the list.


TAWC is SOLD OUT. When back in stock, they'll be at our EBAY store.



The Arm Wrestling Classic.nes 512 kB

Install instructions

Requires an emulator with mapper 30 capabilities. Best used with Mesen.

When using an NES/SNES Classic. Change core to FCEUmm, then when playing press start + select, options, and change color palette to "sony-cxa2025as-us" for best results.

Development log


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I like your game.

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Thank you and also thank you for making that page! 🙌🏻💪🏻

You’re welcome!


The game is just brilliant! Thanks for making yet another NES classic for us to enjoy!


Thank you so much! Gotta keep the NES alive!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

J'arrive pas à battre le premier champion XD, j'arrive à faire progresser la barre mais il la refait baisser régulièrement du coup j'suis toujours autour du milieu et au bout d'un moment il m'écrase d'un coup sec :(

Hint: Press whatever button it displays as fast as you can, but do NOT press the wrong button. It will work in your opponent's favor and penalize you. You got this!

That's what I do, I've only been able to beat the first champ (the mullet guy) with an autofire.
The difficulty curve is harsh, the first opponents are very easy and the first champ is very hard, the next ones are even worse.
How many opponents are there ?

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12 normal opponents. 5 bosses. It can take time to master the technique. The first round of opponents are supposed to be easy so you can get used to it, but it gets harder with each division. You can also put in the passwords to practice on each arm wrestler. Worse comes to worst you can put on the super strength password if your fingers aren’t able to go that fast. 

Make sure you’re successfully training too, otherwise you won’t level up and it’ll be harder as the game goes on. 

I intended this game to be “nes hard” and in the description of the game it’s says it is. I do have to other games. Plummet Challenge Game which is super easy because you die every level, but it’s all about how many points you get before you die.. and Carpet Shark which also starts off easy and gets harder with which level. 

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Here's a playthrough I uploaded for speedrun.com to show you it's for sure possible, you just might need to change up your technique & realize the bosses are harder than the normal opponents just as long as you train right: https://youtu.be/6DNKeoh9LX4

Note: I purposely uploaded a run where I lost twice, because it would be pretty crummy if the creator had the best speedrun. Also that's not black nail polish on my thumb. I smashed my finger at work 🤣

Well it's weird because I think I press as quick as yourself but the bar doesn't progress as fast as in your video.
I used mesen and plugged in my controller to be sure these aren't the cause and I don't think they are.
I recorded two tries, you can see the input on the right bottom :

interesting. I think I’m pressing the buttons a slight bit faster from what I can see on yours. Someone messaged me today who made it almost to the end and others that made it to further levels. So it’s for sure do-able. All I can say is practice makes perfect. 


Excellent little game! Love the training mechanics and the music is just perfect! Well done!

Thank you! I tried to capture that old school quirky sports feel the NES had and Kevin81 is musical genius! Can’t wait for the full Panzer 2. I can tell how much hard work you’ve put into it!


This is wonderful! Great work!

Thank you so much! Proud of this one 🙌🏻💪🏻